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Show All Answers. It is open from 8 a. Office hours are between a. When are the council meetings and how do I get an item on the agenda?

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If you are experiencing problems with your sewer service, there are many things that may be causing it. In all cases, you should first determine whether the problem is local to your home or is being experienced by your neighbors as well. If many homes are suffering from the same problem, you should call the Township of Hampton's Environmental Services Department to inform them of the situation.

If the problem is just in your home, there are different choices you should make depending on the situation. If you have slow drainage, you may have a blockage in your system, most often caused by disposing cooking grease and large foreign objects in the sewer system.

Tree roots also can cause sluggish drainage when they infiltrate the sewers. Contact the Environmental Services Department first atextension orbetween 7 a. If you have a sewer backup up problem after business hours, contact the Hampton Township Police Department by dialing Pre-moistened towelettes called "wet wipes" are becoming an increasing trend in our bathroom culture. Due to the convenience and comfort they offer, more people are opting to buy these wet wipes instead of traditional toilet paper.

The fact that many of these wipes are being marketed as flushable, keeps them competitive with their paper rival as users are not forced to find some alternative means of disposing of them. Unlike toilet paper, which normally dissolves in no longer than 24 hours, wet wipes may dissolve for weeks or months causing clogs that will have to be fixed by a professional plumbing service.

Furthermore, if you have tree roots that are spidering into your sewage pipes, then these "flushable" wipes, these wet wipes could get caught on the roots that are making their way through your piping causing blockages. And the problem doesn't stop there. If the wet wipes make it past your sewage plumbing, it may still cause Adult dating Allison Park through the Township's main sewer lines and also at it's sewage treatment plant.

The Township's sewage treatment plant has been experiencing clogs and other problems associated with wet wipes for years. The plant struggles with aging infrastructure for years and the problem with "ragging" - when baby wipes, dental floss, paper towels, facial tissue, and other items not deed for flushing entangle sewer pumps. Waste Management provides unlimited curb service for household trash and recyclables for the following costs:. Should you not participate in the Township-sponsored Waste Management program for the collection of garbage and recycling, you are still responsible for the payment of a garbage bill.

Furthermore, Waste Management is well within its legal rights to sue for the collection of all delinquent payments and possibly lien your property. How do I dispose of electronic devices computers, laptops, monitors and televisions? Enacted inthe PA Covered Device Recycling Act HB requires that consumers not dispose of covered devices, such as computers, laptops, monitors and televisions, with their trash.

This means that trash haulers will no longer be able to take covered devices unless the municipality has a curbside electronics collection program that ultimately sends the devices to an electronics recycler. For more information, view our web on disposing of electronic devices.

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Examples of acceptable materials include, but not limited to: automotive products i. To participate, you must set up a collection appointment with Waste Management, by one of the following ways: 1 go to www. Should you have any further questions, please contact the Township office at ext. Yard Waste will be picked up the 3rd full week of each month, from April through November, on the same day as your trash and recycling Adult dating Allison Park Waste Management.

Items included are: brush, garden residue no dirt attached in paper biodegradable bags, leaves in paper biodegradable bags, tree limbs, shrubbery, tree trimmings cut in 4 feet length, no larger than 3 inches diameter, no greater than 40 pounds and securely tied and bundled; and twigs. Should you have any questions, please contact Waste Management at or the Township office at ext. When your collection day falls on or after one of these holidays, your service will be delayed one day during that week only.

Rats, the most common pest rodent in this area, are semi-aquatic by habit and are frequently found living in close association with humans. They can create danger because of the diseases they often carry and the destruction they can cause. The Township of Hampton takes steps to control the rodent populations in the township by responding to concerns or complaints about rodents. Homeowners, especially those living in close proximity to a drainage ditch, are urged to keep yard areas neatly cut and trimmed.

Pet owners are urged to give their pets only the amount of food that they will consume at a single feeding, and to clean up after their pets on a daily basis. The Resident's Guide to Rodent Control PDF is deed to assist you in the control of rats and the environmental conditions that breeds rats. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, please call Susan Bernet at the township atextension We will have a rodent official inspect your property as soon as possible.

If he inspects your property Adult dating Allison Park finds rodents he will have you a release form immediately, so he may bait your property. For more information, please refer to the attached National Pest Alert issued by the U. Building permits, both commercial and residential, are required in the Township of Hampton to erect, modify, remove or repair all structures. This includes everything from new building constructions and additions to accessory structures such as sheds, garages, and fences. A permit is also required for s, both temporary and permanent.

Supplemental documents such as a survey or plans are required for most building permits. The specific supplemental items required to obtain a building permit depend on what type of permit application you will need. By State law, the Township has 15 business days to process residential building permits and 30 business days to process commercial building permits; however, turn-around time is often weeks, depending on the complexity of the review.

Building permits vary in cost and scope according to the type of construction. The basic building permit fees and supplemental requirements are listed on each individual application. For more information about building permits and fees, please contact the Permitting Office located at McCully Road, from a.

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Monday through Friday, or call Extension By State law, the Township must provide an answer on all residential permit applications within 15 business days and on all commercial permit applications within 30 business days. The typical turnaround time for permit reviews is business weeks; however, much of the timeframe depends on the complexity of the review and the of departments that must review the permit application.

For status updates on your permit application, please contact the Permit Clerk at x or permitting hampton-pa. Please Note: A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required to schedule all inspections. You will need to provide your name, phoneaddress, permitand type of construction. To schedule a building inspection please contact the Township Building Inspector, Kevin Karman, directly at or by ing BuildingInspector hampton-pa.

To schedule an electrical inspectionplease contact the Township Electrical Inspector, Gene Meaner, directly at x All installations or improvements of driveways on Township-owned roadways require the submission of a Driveway Improvement Permit. Link to form: Driveway Improvement Permit. If you are installing more than square feet of impervious surface area on your property which includes concrete, asphalt, or packed gravelyou will need to obtain a permit for this work and install Township approved on-site stormwater management controls.

If you are converting an existing gravel driveway or patio area into a paved surface, and the new area exceeds square feet, you will need to obtain a permit for this work and install Township approved on-site stormwater management controls. Please contact the Permit Office to obtain the correct permit applications for your project. : permitting hampton-pa. Property in the Township of Hampton is divided into several zoning districts with classifications such as conservation, residential, industrial, or commercial.

Different districts have different stipulations as to what type of uses are permitted. When a property owner wishes to establish a use that is not considered a permitted use but is listed as a Conditional Use, they may apply to the Township of Hampton for Conditional Use approval. Conditional Uses are uses on a property that may be granted by the Township Council after receiving recommendations from the Township's Environmental Advisory Council and Planning Commission after a public hearing has been conducted.

The conditions for use must still abide by the Comprehensive Plan of the Township, avoid incompatible land uses, and serve the interests of the surrounding community. The Planning and Zoning Department can advise you as to which uses will require Conditional Use approval.

Please contact the Department of Community Development for the most current fee schedule. It is strongly recommended that you attend your hearing to answer potential questions or concerns that you may have. Monday through Friday, or call them at Extension If you are planning a construction project in the Township of Hampton that will involve the demolition of a structure, contact the Township of Hampton Permitting Office to learn all the required and recommended steps to perform demolition work.

These include written releases from all utility companies certifying that services have been disconnected and an asbestos exemption certificate, when applicable. Please contact the Township Permit Clerk for the most current fee schedule. If you would like a demolition permit application or more information regarding the permit process contact the Permitting Office at McCully Road from 8 a. In order to build a fence, including invisible fences or underground pet fences, in the Township of Hampton, one must obtain a fence permit. The requirements for building a fence are found in Section of the Zoning Ordinance No.

For more information about fence permits and fees, please contact the Permitting Department located at McCully Road, from 8 a. All new construction projects will require the issuance of an approved permit prior to the start of construction. The following types of construction that require permits may include, but are not limited to; new construction new homes, additions, new commercial structuresrenovations commercial renovations and some kinds of residential renovationsdecks, hot tubs, pools both in-ground and above-groundfences, invisible fences or underground fences for pet containment, sheds, and hard impervious surfaces over square feet in size.

This list is not all inclusive and your project may or may not qualify. Please contact the Permitting Office for more information about whether a permit is needed for your project. A building permit is required prior to construction of all above ground and in-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and similar structures. Portable spas that simply plug in may not require a permit. All in-ground pools must have a 4 foot high fence with a locking gate. All above-ground pools which are two to four feet in depth need to have a fence with a locking gate. Above ground pools over four feet do not need a fence, however they must have a removable ladder.

Monday through Friday, or call the department at Extension Please keep in mind, Open Gym times vary each month. During peak hours after school and on weekends Open Gym may reach maximum capacity. Please call ext. Open Gym time is deated for non-structured free play opportunities. Any children under 10 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult 18 or older as is the policy throughout the Community Center. S offers 3 miles of hiking trails within Hampton Community Park that provides hikers with a wide variety of scenery and terrain.

Hikers of all abilities can find a trail suitable to their skill level for no charge. Always use the trails with courtesy and safety in mind. The township publishes a listing of all hiking trails and is available in the D. S office. To receive a copy, or for more information, stop by the department, between a. Anyone caught hunting will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What do I do if park property is damaged or vandalized? The Township of Hampton Department of Community Services tries to keep its park and facilities in excellent condition, but occasionally vandalism, misuse, neglect, or wear can leave a fixture in need of repair.

If you witness damage to a park facility, please call us atextensionto report the problem. For situations that warrant police assistance you should call The Township of Hampton thanks you for your concern and assistance in these matters. We seek warm and enthusiastic people of all ages to volunteer a few hours or a few days a week to help out the department and their fellow citizens in the process.

While need for certain positions varies from year to year and season to season, volunteers work throughout the department filling such roles as special events assistance, and athletic coach. Volunteers are unpaid citizens donating their time; people interested in employment should apply for jobs through the Department of Community Services office. if you are interested in volunteering or for more information! Pavilions can also be rented, in person, at the Hampton Community Center Service Desk during regular hours of operation. Park pavilion reservations for Township residents will be accepted on a year-round basis, up to one year in advance.

Nonresidents reservations will be accepted beginning April 1st of each year. The observance of these rules will help to make the park a safe and enjoyable experience for all who visit. For more information about the Hampton Community Park and its use, contact the Department of Community Services between a.

Adult dating Allison Park

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