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Pop ArtPopElectronicSoul. Indie dream PopgrungeshoegazeTell us about your music. How did you develop your sound? I would describe my music as moody folk. I've always had a love of melancholy.

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Growing up I was drawn to film scores and the atmosphere they created. I also listened to a lot of emo music at school. Vocally I admire singers that use their voice emotively and in an interesting way - I think artists like Sigur Ros, Regina Spektor and Elizabeth Fraser have influenced my vocal style. I love performances when it's just a singer-songwriter with their instrument and voice. I'm trying to lean into that minimalism and intimacy and to trust my intuition.

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Quiet time, walking, nature, conversations and strong emotions. What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying? What Australian track would you play to someone to make them cry? The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next? What was the last local gig you went to? How was it? It was my birthday and I sat at the back in the corner and closed my eyes, it was the perfect introverted sad girl party. Seated gigs are my fave gigs. Tell us about the bands or people in your local music community that inspire you. There's so many!

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I was lucky enough to win the Josh Pyke Partnership which involves a grant, so I'm planning to record an EP with the grant funds. Indie, Rock, Roots swamprock swampblues roots alternative australian singersongwriter discover unereathed indie. Electronic, Pop lofi ambient electronicaPopChillDance, Electronic, Pop aeonvolt newmusic electronic dance soulfood getupanddance feelit. Electronic, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock! Indie, Rock neil youngradioheadNirvana.

Metal, Rock RockMetalcorealternativeDance, Electronic, Indie, Punk, Rock shoegazealternativeindie rockIndie, Pop Acoustic guitar popguitar popkeyboard pop. Metal, Punk, Rock metal new australian alternative rock heavy heavy metal Hard Rock hardcore metalcore.

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Metal, Punk, Rock MetalcoreposthardcoreDjentIndie, Punk, Rock! Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Roots. Rock tameimpala80s guitars synthrock spacerock. Rock Daughtry3 Doors DownnickelbackPunk HeroesDeafToneIndie, Rock alternativeSinger-SongwriterAcousticRock KhanalternativeRockMetal MetalHeavy MetalalternativeHip Hop! Dance, Electronic futurebassdanceSynthpopIndie, Pop PopalternativeIndie. Rock LovefurryPeachesPop, Rock, Roots good-for-the-soul. Dance, Electronic! Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock newcastlerockpopElectronic, Hip Hop alternate.

Metal, Rock ProgProgressiveRockIndie, Pop Demo new australian young couple pop alternative love ofmonstersandmen ohwonder indiepop indiefold duo. We were playing in a band together called The Skategoats, so I guess on the end of that we started to own our craft a little more and really find our own sound and place. The greatest source of inspiration for making music, I think comes from our everyday life and experiences. As for the music side, we draw our inspirations from everyone around us making music. A lot of mistakes? Haha nah a high energy set, catchy choruses and some questionable dance moves coming from Ivan our bass player.

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My Dad taught me that. Where do we even start haha there are so many people doing great things and we all play our part. I think anyone out there giving it a go is inspiring. Just watching people grow and own their craft is amazing. More shows, more music and lets see what we can do with it. Indie, Punk, Rock rock - garage - noise - alternative - reggae - surf - punk. Indie, Rock AlternativeGarage Rockshoegaze. Indie, Rock Alternative rock pubrock. Indie, Punk, Rock surfRockGarageIndie, Rock alternativerockaltrock.

Indie, Punk, Rock pop punk newcastle rock pop punk. Indie, Pop folk. Indie, Pop, Rock RockbluesRnbMetal, Rock Rockelectric guitarEnergeticIndie, Pop IndiealternativePopIndie, Rock AdelaideIndieRockRock psychedelicbluesJazzIndie, Rock The Childs. Punk, Rock PunkRock. Indie, Punk, Rock IndiealtRockIndie, Rock alternativegrunge. Indie, Rock IndiebluesRockElectronic, Metal, Pop, Rock.

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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock canberragaragerockPop, Punk, Rock GrungetasmanianmusicmelodicpunkIndie, Rock, Roots bluesRockhorrorDance, Electronic ElectronicNewaustraliaElectronic, Pop SynthPopDiscoEasy listening, mellow in parts, intense and passionate in others. The Medics are our pick to take the stage at Groovin the Moo in Townsville. Tell us about your music — how did you develop your sound? The music is very unpredictable on first listen, ambient lows, soaring highs and the odd mid section chorus.

The sound is what you could describe as 'indie rock' but that never seems to pin point any band these days. Definitely a different vibe to playing the cd. The live show consists of a bit of everything; dancing, yelling, harmonies, climbing the surroundings, quiet acoustic guitar parts. Trying to keep the audience on edge is part of our feeling the stage. There are a lot of good bands, but Vampire Weekend has to be up there in the top along side Tegan and Sara, Miami Horror and Silverchair.

The band will be based in Brisbane for while in the middle of the year, to get closer to the action and save some touring costs! In the words of Richard Kingsmill: "There's a wonderful atmosphere in this song. Fine guitaring, and I like the slightly disted vocals. Having an epic sound to your songs is hard to pull off.

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These guys feel like they know what's needed to sound big! More about this competition ». Richard and I wanted to get a band happening to play some of the songs we were writing. We had a big list of all the musicians we knew. There was a lot, some were even out of state. We made calls and crossed off names till we had what we wanted. When Sam Rowe moved from Sydney to Townsville at the start ofwe figured that a 4 hour drive wasn't going to stop us, so we got him in.

Some friends parties got us started, and here we are. There are a lot of bands around, but there's not many places to play. So bands often hire a hall and put on the show themselves. We've got a great network and we always get a big turn out. Family and friends, Truth, Jesus,? The band members. Being in a band is about the most fun you can have with 4 other guys, I just love hanging out and playing music with them. Having a band member 4 hours away.

Alamo nude text nude Arnhem women

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