Beautiful couples wants love Virginia

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The reality is that no one really knows, but four couples who have all been married for more than 50 years told ABC News exactly what has kept them together over the decades. From World War II to great-grandchildren, these couples have endured the true tests of time thanks to an enduring love and communication. We asked each couple the same four questions about marriage and maintaining happiness. Here's what they said:. The Wallers met when they were teenagers.

Sammy explained that he had borrowed a bike from Macie's cousin, and when he returned it, he spotted Macie.

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They eventually moved to Lancaster, New York, and now have six children, 11 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. We just respect each other and we love each other. Sammy: "We don't do a lot of arguing. We try to get along most of the time and we got along pretty good. We do things together. We go to the movies -- we don't like the movies anymore -- but we just got along.

I didn't go to the bar and leave her home and she didn't go to places and leave me home. We just hung together. I'm still hanging. Macie: "If there was one thing I wish I knew, it would be to understand the sincerity of marriage.

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It's important to remember the vows you said when you got married This is the person that you said you loved. I didn't realize that as much when I got married, but through the years that can help carry you through. Sammy: "I never gave it a thought, getting married. There was a war going on and I was what, 21, 22, and I just knew that I was going to get drafted and I wanted to marry her before I left.

I figured she might be married before I got back and I didn't want that to happen. Macie: "Think about the vows that they've made. And don't get angry or upset about something and say, 'I don't want to be in this,' because that's not what you promised. And always give respect to each other. Sammy: "Don't get into. We never had a lot of big arguments and if we did have an argument, I just shut up. She can't argue by herself. We also had kids at home and if we had a little argument, we wouldn't ever let them hear us. I just loved her. Thelma: "Loving one another and a lot of patience, and knowing what's important in life.

Frank: "Love and a wonderful companionship. That's the great secret. We like to do most of the same things Thelma: "He doesn't argue. He doesn't fight. It's very difficult to make a point when you're doing the arguing; he just will not argue. Frank: "Easy!

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She wins! But we work it out and we get along.

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We go forward. We're both understanding and can appreciate each point of view, and we try to correct those problems. It's discussed and dropped. Frank: "Love one another and create a companionship. Your relationship should be one that you like to do the same things or you think about doing the same things. Virginia: Communication. We try to communicate with each other. In our earlier years, he was a band director -- for 40 years -- which means that he was busy, busy, busy.

And I was an elementary school teacher James: "Well, we love each other. And we come from parents who were church-going folk and they taught us [about marriage] and we respected them so we had no problems. We lived the example they put forth for us. Virginia: "Talk it over. If you don't get it done today, talk about it the morning, talk about it in the afternoon.

James: "We have so few conflicts, but we talk about it. She expresses her side and I express mine. Virginia: "Well, I had an example of my mom and dad. My dad was a country minister and they had six children so I came up in a family of six, so we always saw that. James: "I don't know, my love was so strong for her.

She couldn't do anything wrong.

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Virginia: "Try to understand each other and try not to go to bed angry with each other. James: "Trust in the Lord and trust in each other. And try to do the right thing all the time. The wrong thing is the more attractive thing, so be careful. The two dated for "about a year," according to John, 76, before getting married June 26, John and Betty, 74, eventually settled in Silver Spring, Maryland, and have three kids and five grandchildren. Betty: "You have to have a sense of humor and not take things too seriously … also keep communication open.

Betty: "You have to hear what the other person has to say and try to put yourself in their shoes and try to feel the way the other person is feeling. John: "I had to realize, like everybody else, there's an alternative point of view and I'm not always right. I wish I had known a little bit more about that area.

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It was very, very cold and I must've gotten a cold every other month during the winter. I got really homesick that first year. John: "Over the years I realized marriage is definitely a partnership and definitely something that you have to work at in order to keep everybody happy. So we work well together. Betty: "Try to be aware of how the other person feels and try not to be all about yourself.

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And try not to stay angry over little things. I would definitely would do it again. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Top Stories. Women say they met porn actor Jeremy for fun; rape came next Sep 05, AM.

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Beautiful couples wants love Virginia

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