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The Kingdom of Belgium is located in Western Europe and is one of the most populous countries in the world. Belgium is divided into two large parts — Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia. Therefore, this country has linguistic and cultural characteristics. Accordingly, the Walloons are striving to adopt French features, and the Flemings are most inclined to Holland, their northern neighbor. Also, many people in this country speak German. The capital city of Brussels has a special bilingual metropolitan status.

It does not belong to either the French or the Dutch parts. Here, you can feel the mind-blowing cultural diversity of this country. Here, you can see the splendor of medieval architecture combined with contemporary buildings even in small towns. This country is also famous for great beer, delicious chocolate, as well as beautiful, proud, and independent Belgian women.

Each nation has its own unique features that help recognize these people among many others. It is not just about their physical traits, including the shape of their eyes or noses, but also about their inner world, habits, and outlook on life. All Belgium girls have their characteristics, and each of them needs an individual approach. However, a more specific description can help describe the phenomenon of Belgian women. Choose for European Dating. Best of European Girls. Best of European Women. Belgian girls are very polite and welcoming. They learn to treat other people with respect from early childhood.

The ability of Belgian women to cope with difficult situations is essential in relationships with the opposite gender. Belgium girls live in a multicultural country with many different ethnic groups, so they are interested in learning about foreign cultures. Therefore, these women are interested in meeting and communicating with foreign men.

Belgium has a strong inclusion of feminism. In this country, women have equal rights with men. Belgium girls love beer and can drink it on an equal footing with men. This is not surprising since Belgium is one of the leading countries supplying beer worldwide. If there is a law or tradition, Belgian women follow these rules unquestioningly.

Beautiful Belgium women love nature, sports, and active pastimes. The bicycle is the primary means of transportation and hobby in this country. Also, you can often see many women jogging in parks and squares in the morning. Belgian women usually stick to their daily routine.

Thus, they rarely hurry up and get nervous. These girls always try to avoid embarrassment and face any challenges calmly and with dignity.

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In this way, a Belgian woman will not make a scene for any reason. Despite all rumors, you will be surprised to see many beautiful and fashionable women on the streets of Belgian towns and cities. The unusual beauty of a hot Belgium girl can be compared to a rose that blooms quietly and gracefully. Indeed, sexy women from Belgium are Belgium hot women and pretty. Despite all the opportunities provided by contemporary cosmetology and plastic surgery, Belgian women prefer natural methods and procedures for maintaining their female beauty.

Belgium women know what to wear for every occasion to look good and stylish. Mostly, they avoid overdoing with their make-up and often go out without it. In this country, girls love to follow modern trends in fashion, make-up, and hairstyles. However, Belgian girls do not wear heels and short skirts every day.

They prefer casual style, but they can combine the most unexpected colors and shades in their outfits. Finally, beautiful Belgium women are not afraid to look extravagant or even funny. Belgian women are primarily looking for balance in their lives. Therefore, they try to coordinate different life aspects as much as possible to have time for everything and not miss anything. For Belgian ladies, love is essential for being happy. They build their relationships with their partners on trust, and sincerity is as necessary as mutual assistance for them.

The family remains a priority for them, but at the same time, they do not forget about themselves and personal interests. For most Belgium women, a prestigious job means a lot and remains a source of pride.

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Most of them have the main motto: find a balance between a business career and personal life. They are inclined to rationality with flexible rules for keeping personal space where they can feel comfortable.

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While family remains crucial for the happiness of Belgian women, friendship primarily brings essential emotional support for them, especially in difficult times. Belgian women are self-confident, spontaneous, and independent.

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They are also well-mannered and always try to make a good impression in any situation. Being courteous to all people around and awaiting the same attitude in return is essential for every Belgian female. However, a Belgian girl will not be hypocritical with her boyfriend. She will either show that she does not like something or frankly say it. Although Belgian brides are hot, fun, and outgoing, men have to spend time and effort to lure one of them.

First, a Belgian woman wants to be confident that her man will not break into her comfort zone. Some experienced men even claim that getting a Belgian girl to bed is much easier than knowing the inner world of this person. The remarkable point is that Belgium girls rarely smile in pictures. Besides, most of them do not like to be photographed. Those who know practically nothing about Belgium and its inhabitants can make up fables about them. Getting rid of stereotypes is not easy, and the Belgians know this quite well. Belgian women treat various rumors and misconceptions with their usual calm and understanding.

They do not care much about what people from other countries say. Here are several stereotypes about them:. On the contrary, Belgian women love to laugh. The performances of famous Belgian comedians are usually based on double meanings, wordplay, and resourceful responses. Among friends and close people, Belgium women love to remember funny stories from life and work time. The most common Walloon anecdotes are related to the distinctive characteristics of the Flemings and vice versa. This is not really the case. Even the names of many cities in Belgium can have two forms — both in Flemish and French.

Flemings and Walloons differ in their native language and many characteristic points. In fact, many Belgians still prefer to spend their holidays in their native land — in the Ardennes forests or among the dunes on the North Sea coast. However, many consider Belgian coast as one of the most unattractive places in Europe due to the piercing wind and cold sea. Contemporary Belgian women love to travel very much, and the countries of Southeast Asia are especially of high demand among them.

Most Belgian women are well educated. In general, some of them are more well-versed about what is going on in the world than an average European woman. The criteria of success in life for Belgian women are more modest than in many other European countries. The aspirations of a typical Belgian woman are often limited by earning a decent salary and making some contributions to the pension fund.

Like many Europeans, Belgium women usually get married after 30 years old. They are very family-oriented and try to have their own houses close to their parents. Life with a Belgian wife can be very stable and easy, although predictable. At present, the institution of marriage is undergoing renaissance in Belgium. While cohabitation of young people is still widespread in other countries, Belgian brides increasingly want to organize a real wedding with all attributes. If you plan to meet a hot Belgian girl, keep in mind that the first impression plays an important role.

Belgium hot women

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Belgian Women: Stunning, Classy, And Lovable