Big girls give better head

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Jump to. Tasha Fierce is a writer living in the occupied Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. You can follow them on Twitter at tashajfierce and of their work on their website. There's a lot of misinformation around the web about sex and fat people. Particularly when it comes to the sexual skills fat people possess. I thought we'd have a little tongue-in-cheek fun by breaking down these myths and getting to the truth of the matter.

Myth 1: Fat chicks give better head. This relates to another myth—that fat girls have low self-esteem.

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So since we have low self-esteem, we have to compensate for our fatness by being really good at blowjobs. Look, I'm good at head because I work at it. Give us some credit here. Most girls I know, including fat girls, don't just give up the bj to any douchebag that has the audacity to ask, anyway. This myth is really more of a fervent hope than anything. Moving on…. Myth 2: Fat chicks put out more.

Putting out implies that you're doing it out of obligation, to get someone to like you, or because you're trying to please someone. Couldn't it be that fat girls in general are feeling better about their bodies and therefore feel less inhibited during sex, so they're more likely to have it? No one goes there. The referenced study at least destroys the myth that no one is attracted to fat women. Clearly someone is because we're having sex. Myth 3: For the bros: Fat guys suck in bed. Actually, fat guys apparently have it better than their thinner brothers— many of them last longer and don't suffer from the curse of premature ejaculation.

I can testify to this fact. So there you go. Bonus Myth 4: OMG, how do two fat people have sex? For your information and enjoyment, there are many ways two fat people can have sex. I mean, really. That concludes this edition of Fat Sex Myths. Have a hot weekend—and try some of those positions. We'll go back to being serious next week. Get Bitch Media's top 9 re of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning! Big girls give better head awesome sass in the delivery.

It's time someone debunked these ridiculous but oft-repeated myths. I had a guy once tell me that fat chicks are "looser" than skinny ones. Basically, that fat girls have flabby vag. Hilariously, the same dude also tried to talk me into being fuck buddies several months later. Women refer to oral sex between women or female bodied people as "giving head" all the time.

I'm really good at giving head It has more to do with having an awesome mouth. Is it possible that since fat women have more estrogen that they are simply more amorous?

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If so, it's not a question of deprivation but of abundance. Thanks for bringing this up! I was going to make a comment about it and decided against it because I knew you had to write about this sooner or later. Regarding 1, a good bj is relative! Every guy likes something different and what might be good to one guy is totally different than another, which is another reason why that myth is such BS. Love it, except 3 : 'Myth 3: For the bros: Fat guys suck in bed. Actually, fat guys apparently have it better than their thinner brothers—many of them last longer and don't suffer from the curse of premature ejaculation.

Anecdotally, the fat guys I've been with lasted longer on average than the "fittest" dudes I've been with. I'm kinda with you on that one So we didn't have sex for a long time until he lost the weight. And before he gained weight I'm talkin hours. Hours and hours. Now we can go for a very long time, but now it's a matter of being exhausted due to both of our work schedules.

I agree too. I think that it's kind of bad to imply that I since my boyfriend is super skinny high metabolism and all that I'm not having as good of sex as I should be.

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I think it's all about confidence. But I do agree with the fact that fat girls have more sex. It makes me proud to be included in that category. Yeah, 3 bothers me, too. It creates an unnecessary hierarchy fat guys are better in bed than skinny guys when that is exactly what the author is trying to get away from in the first myth fat women give better head than skinny women. If we want people to be viewed as individuals and not judged due to one thing they may share with others being fat, thin, cisgender, queer, straight, etc.

I think the thing that makes the least sense about the "better head" assertion is that it's because we're "hungry". More power to you if you literally want to have your dick bitten off and swallowed, dude, but if you don't, that little joke doesn't really work. I mean, geez, when I'm hungry so I suck and lick a bagel for ten minutes? The answer is no, no I do not. The title of your needs to be changed Unicorns are in fact real and you are implying that they are not! I guess the, "lick each fold until you taste poop and then go back one" is WAY out of the arena then I'm a guy who loves fat girls.

I think the stereotype about fat girls giving head is bad too, but I disagree a out the reasons. First, as a woman, how can you really say fat girls and skinny girls are equally good at blowjobs? I mean, there's no way you can really support that, right? This hides what's really going on, I think: Men are taught to feel ashamed for enjoying sex with women that society says are ugly.

So they we make up for it by justifying it by saying the head was great. In other words, maybe redirect the conversation toward the people who say this rather than the people who have this said about them. The question shouldn't be about women's self esteem, in other words, but men's, because we're the ones who propogate ugly stereotypes.

By saying the ratio is equal, a claim you really can't support one way or another, you make it about objective truth. Rather than addressing the fact that it's not about basketball but racism.

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You see what I mean? Search form Search. Activism Sex and the Fat Girl body image. Published on February 18, at pm. Tasha Fierce View profile ». Moving on… Myth 2: Fat chicks put out more. Leave this field blank.

Great post Tasha, and way to bust apart these silly myths! I stumbled upon this article: And it has some lovely visuals! Stop with the "roll her in flour" jokes. Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. First name. Last name. Zip Code. Relevant: Viola Davis and the Afro as Resistance.

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Big girls give better head

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Do fat girls give better head?