Business professional looking for fun

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Modern-day offices are quickly moving away from rigid, gray cubicles and bland settings. Contemporary workplace trends that deliver a sense of playful openness are being heralded by high-performing, forward-thinking companies like Google and Apple. How do partners feel? What about clients? Do they feel a wave of dread, a flicker of outdated stuffiness, or a total lack of inspiration?

Maybe even some office anxiety? Or, do they feel comfortable, at ease, and ready to work? Having playful elements in your workplace environment deliver a whole host of game-changing benefits, including the following:. Interior de can be tricky, especially when attempting to strike a balance between fun and mature.

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A workspace that is devoid of personality can come across as stark and, quite frankly, boring. For employees, this can reduce their willingness to open up at work and to get to know their colleagues. Overcome this by encouraging your team to add personal items to their workspaces. This might be family photos, childhood mementos, or indoor plants.

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Even something as simple as asking your employees to bring in their own coffee mugs can help develop a more casual, comfortable atmosphere. Color can truly transform a drab, stock-standard office into a playful yet professional haven. To avoid going over the top, keep your larger walls and furniture neutral. Does your team have somewhere to chill out during downtime? Here are a couple of fun ideas to get you thinking:. Ask them what they want. What furniture, activities, and kitchen appliances do they need to unwind on their lunch break?

Nothing brings an outdated office into modernity quite like the humble indoor plant. Indoor plants add a splash of color, offer a visually meditative experience and improve the air quality. Beyond plants, you can celebrate nature in your workplace by incorporating natural materials and natural light where possible. Light-toned woods are on-trend — they are versatile and add a touch of Scandinavian chic to any space. Our private work booths and meeting areas are crafted from a sleek, modern material and finished with a full skylight ceiling.

Blank walls are a missed opportunity. Or, install a few modern shelving units and display your indoor plant collection. Again, ask your employees to assist. Your workplace is a hotbed of creativity — use it! Pick one or two feature wall pieces to highlight by giving them plenty of room to breathe. If your employees have a minute break, encourage them to put down their smartphones and pick up a book. By stocking up a bookshelf with classic novels, educational books, and even large art books.

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Your team can then escape to the quiet privacy of an office phone booth and read for a couple of minutes before returning to work refreshed, relaxed, and inspired. Remember, there is work to be done!

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To overcome the risk of a no-work-all-play office, create clear distinctions between break and work spaces. Yes, corporate suit-and-tie dress codes may be outdated, especially in non-traditional workplaces. When your team outperforms, lands a ificant deal, secures a big client, or achieves another growth objective, reward them. Put on a lunch or organize an office-wide board game competition. Your team needs somewhere quiet and private to conduct meetings or phone calls. An office booth is a fantastic solution.

Deed with the modern office layout in mind, portable meeting pods fit seamlessly alongside the latest interior de trends. Your employees can step away from the hustle-bustle of the main workspace — that way, they can fulfill their professional responsibilities without distraction. Creating a vibrant office full of personality and inspiration is one thing. Ensuring your staff members still have the peace and quiet they need to conduct business to the best of their ability is another. A booth provides a private workspace that's ideal for conducting performance reviews, hosting conference calls, or even taking a much-needed minute break without obstructing your clean, open, contemporary office de.

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Learn more about Zenbooth and our industry-leading products today. View our versatile models or get in touch with our friendly team. Why create a fun office space? Download Zenbooth's Detailed Product Catalogs. Next. Leave a comment: Name.

Business professional looking for fun

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