Can u guess what i want

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Red Rover. Double Dutch. A burger. Peanut Butter! Mac and Cheese. The money. Making a difference. Creating something. Doing new and exciting things. The work part. Long hours. Crabby people. When things go wrong. I'm a team player. I'm happy to have back up but I'm probably happier as the boss. I like running the show myself. Sometimes you need other people. Iron Man. Doctor Strange. Scarlet Witch. I'd rather skip school. As many years as it takes.

A couple of years. I'm not even sure. Sort of, I guess. My parents did. Not really. It seemed a little half-hearted. I played sports. I was involved in student council. I was in some clubs. Eggs Benedict. A nicely poached egg! An omelet. That's not really my thing. Probably not. No, I want to forge my own path. Why would I do a job I hate? Quite a while. As long as it took to get me to what I wanted. Maybe a few years. Yes, and it sucked. Yes, but I didn't agree. They did and it was helpful. It took a few years. I still have the same idea! I changed in my teens.

In high school sometime, I guess. Hung out with my friends a lot.

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Video games. Not willingly.

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Once or twice. Of course! I dodged that bullet. Part of the dream is the pay. As long as I was making enough to live comfortably.

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I like to think so. I can't see that being an option. I'd keep working until I was great. I'd figure out why I sucked and fix it. I'd have to do something else. In my 30s. A long time from now. Retirement age, I guess. When I'm too old to keep working. Space Jam. Toy Story. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Maybe a small bear. I'd fight a cat of some kind. Definitely a wolf. How about a shark? Not even close. I'm still working towards that job.

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I'm happy right now. I don't see how it could be. How much more money? Probably not but you never know. What kind of work am I doing? I don't think so. Poison Tester. Milk Man. Being Chased.

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Traveling in Space. Being ignored. Being alone. Being in a crowd. LeBron James. Guy Fieri. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Gordon Ramsay. What's Hot Ones? Los Angeles. New York City.

Can u guess what i want

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