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Minister: Rev Andy Fyall andy.

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Our online church platform also features a short prayer video for the NHS at pm each Wednesday. There are links to past services on the "Recordings" of this website.

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By the following Sunday Churces had been closed and the service was livestreamed from the preacher's house. We quickly realised how much people appreciated still being able to worship together from home, and our minister also started posting a 10 minute "Evening Prayer" every day.

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Chatting together on Zoom after the service also helped to build up our fellowship. Initially planned for our regular congregation who were unable to come to Church due to Coronavirus restrictions, we found that our Online Church was also valued by our older members who hadn't been well enough to come for some time anyway, those who lacked transport, and by those we had known in the past who had moved away from the area.

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People who had other commitments that clashed with our service times liked being able to the service at at time that suited them. People we didn't know at all also started watching. A lot of people have been watching. Even after Churches started re-opening people still like to be part of our Online Church.

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With the Holy Spirit's guidance we hope that the online teaching, praise and worship of Jesus will continue! Online Church. Get in touch.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(102) 745-4982 x 6696

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