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It's midnight and the bar is closing but you don't want to go home with the pinstripe-suit man who's been hitting on you.

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Instead, you text a guy you became friends with at law school years ago. Feel like sex," you SMS. Within a minute your phone screen flashes a reply: "Sooner the better. This brand of on-demand sex between men and women who know each other usually takes place after late-night calls or text messages, and has its own unwritten rules that allow repeated casual intercourse.

Booty-call relationships involve greater sexual adventurousness but less emotion than one-night stands, recent studies reveal. And sex researchers locally suggest that it is increasingly popular among young, urban South Africans. To test this theory I sent out an anonymous sex survey to a small sample of colleagues in the Johannesburg newsroom.

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It seemed like a quick, if unscientific, way to find out whether any South Africans were up to speed with the latest sexual trend among Americans. All my snap survey showed is that few people were willing to report on what they do in private, but that booty calls were attractive and practised by six who did respond positively. Another man, in his early 30s, now in a relationship, said: "If you're seeing the person fairly regularly, you inevitably get to know them a little, but even that interaction, from my experience, is quite light and fun.

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I have found a strange sense of trust and confidentiality also develops. Sexual health adviser Catriona Boffard says: "Although there are links to casual sex, booty calls imply that there is a certain relationship that exists between two people. But she did caution: "If one person begins to feel dependent or falls for the other, then I think a problem comes in. I think that this type of scenario is very likely, and that someone may end up getting hurt. Ultimately the caller has the power. On the emotional scale, booty-call relationships fall "between one-night stands and serious romantic relationships" say scientists who are studying these mating patterns from the United States to Singapore.

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In their study published in the Journal of Sex Research - which included more than American campus booty callers - they found, for example, that kissing is common during booty-call sex but hand-holding is not. And the drop-in lover tends to leave after the action and conversation is discouraged. That's the etiquette. The lead researcher, Professor Peter Jonason, from the University of South Alabama in the US, told Lifestyle: "Emotional acts are used to quickly escalate relationships from for one-night stands. On the other hand, female booty callers get to flout tradition by making explicit sexual demands with less stigmatisation than once-off hooking up, and both genders have the freedom to act on impulse.

Essentially booty-call sex is a hybrid relationship with sexual and emotional elements that "do not fit cleanly" into long-term monogamy or one-night stands. An evolutionary psychologist, Jonason believes it's a compromise between men's and women's ideal mating behaviour.

Men get greater access to sex with little effort, in line with their evolutionary need to disperse their sperm widely. Women get to expand their mating pool with "attractive test-mates" who may have long-term potential, in line Clean fun no strings their evolutionary need for a reliable partner to raise offspring.

Men who wouldn't take them out for a date may well ring them to hang out between the sheets. The reasons why people engage in these relationships are as varied as the types of sex they practise and include:. Jonason distinguishes booty-call relationships from "friends-with-benefits", even though they both have a similar function: sexual gratification.

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Booty-call relationships are more like one-night stands than friends-with-benefits, which have more in common with serious romantic relationships, he reports after doing a study with nearly participants that is yet to be published. Whatever the exact relationship, McIntosh emphasises that all casual sexual encounters must be "covered in condoms". And she advises: "You'll get hurt unless you are clear about what it is and call it that.

Subscribe In. Sex, no strings. The reasons why people engage in these relationships are as varied as the types of sex they practise and include: Testing if your booty caller could turn into a long-term partner; Having fun with your booty-call buddy while you wait for someone better to come along; and Seeking stable social or emotional support.

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Clean fun no strings

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