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Yesterday morning, Jennifer Lopez shared the trailer for her upcoming movie Hustlers on her Instagram. If you're not familiar with the hype behind Hustlers, the plot is pretty juicy: A ring of women swindle rich Wall Street men into spending thousands of dollars at strip clubs—they're overcome by drugs, alcohol, and hot girls.

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But the story behind Hustlers is no tall tale. Rather, it's based on real life events that sparked a lawsuit against four women on multiple counts of conspiracy, grand larceny, and forgery. That's right, back ina group of women—Samantha Barbash, Roselyn Keo, Karina Pascucci, and Marsi Rosen—conned some of the wealthiest bankers, hedge fund executives, doctors, and lawyers in New York City. The hustlers manipulated Wall Street men into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at various NYC clubs, pocketing a few grand from it a night.

Here's exactly how they did it. It wasjust after the Stock Market crashed, and Wall Street men were compensating by spending their time—and cash—at strip clubs in Manhattan. Wanting to earn even more, she moved to Manhattan, where she met Samantha Barbash also known as Samantha Foxxa waitress at Scores gentlemen's club in Chelsea.

Once the hustlers got together as a group, an idea came up to add "just a sprinkle" of MDMA and ketamine to their client's drinks, according to Club hustler movie Cut. The girls would then bring the men into one of the strip clubs, where they'd party all night and spend thousands.

The men would wake up with no memory from the night before and confront Barbash about their hefty bills, only to have her convince them that they willingly paid and had a great night. It worked. The girls were making so much money, buying luxury cars and deer bagsbut it was a gamble that caused internal moral conflict. Rosie said she started to question the group's behavior and whether or not it was right. No, now I want to make a million and leave. The scam eventually came to an end after a string of men went to the New York City Police Department and reported s of the hustlers spiking their drinks and stealing their money.

NYPD officials were initially skeptical when the men stepped forward, assuming they likely willingly spent large sums at the clubs. Three years later, Barbash pleaded guilty and received five years of probation. Keo made a plea in March and was issued no jail time. Pascucci and Rosen were sentenced to weekends in jail and then five years of probation in January Vitolo was sentenced to probation for petit larceny.

Today, Rosie is a mother and couldn't be more excited for the upcoming Hustlers film.

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Her Instagram is filled with promotional photos at Hustlers events, sometimes with Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu, who plays her character. She's even writing a book about her story, according to her Instagram. Lo's character Barbash, on the other hand, is not so thrilled about the movie, and she told The New York Post that she plans to sue the actress. I was never a stripper. If she wants to play me, then she should have gotten the real story.

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Club hustler movie

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