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. Desire Resort and Desire Pearl Resort.

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The Desire Resort nowadays also called Desire Riviera Maya Resort has been famous for many years amongst swingers and erotic lovers. This very good swinger hotel is all inclusive. Not only the normal drinks and meals, but also almost all alcoholic drinks are included in your stay here.

Also included are: the sauna, beach beds, Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, fitness center and the non- motorized watersports.

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The resort is situated right on the coast and you can rightly call this a beach hotel. But no way, this is a normal beachhotel. It only opens its gates for couples from 21 years and up and that age limit has a reason. The desire resorts are one of the best swingers lifestyle, clothing optional hotels in the world. Couples from all over the planet come to this place, to enjoy the warm sun on their naked bodies.

On some places you can also have public sex and do some serious swinging with other couples. The average age of the couples, who are visiting the Desire Resorts, are between 30 and 65 and they all have one thing in common. They are sex lovers and enjoy the erotic atmosphere. For this reason you will find a lot of swinger couples and people who like have sex in public or love to watch it. Singles are not allowed here, only straight couples. A couple of two men or two women, also are not welcome inside. The great thing about the Desire Resort is, that in most places, you can walk and recreate naked.

Public sex with your own partner or the partner from some else, is allowed in some areas and can be seen frequently in the playroom and Jacuzzi Lounge.

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By the way, also if you are no swingers, but do like the erotic vibe, which you can feel all around, you will love the place. You can get horny from watching the naked couples and the public sex, but save intercourse for your own partner. If you like you can do that in private, or at a spot where everybody can watch you. It also happens that two couples go to one room, and both have sex with their own partner. The Desire Riviera Maya Resort has classy rooms in several room types. Apart from the rooms you can use the following hotspots and facilities: a nude beach, a beautiful tropic garden, a heated pool where you can swim naked.

Also in nudity you can enjoy the sauna and the hottube, which offers room for 30 naked people. You can do this in the playroom, which is open in the evening for fans of the swinging lifestyle and is much used by swingers to exercise their hobby. Public sex lovers can also use the Jacuzzi Lounge, which can be found on a rooftop and has beautiful views. Desire pearl swingers a lot of hardcore action can be seen on this spot, between 1. The big advantage of the Desire Resorts compared to e. Also the climate is much better and it is open all year. At first sight, it looks a bit expensive. You can eat and drink the whole day without paying a dime.

Since the owner of this resort opened a second swingers hotel, which is only 11 kilometer away. This new hotel has the name Desire Pearl Resort and offers even more luxury and style. The concept of both hotels are the same, but the Pearl resort is more expensive and the rooms are bigger and more beautiful. The average age in Pearl in a bit higher, the couples are between 45 and 65 years old. In this hotel you can expect a little less action, than in the original one. You can book your vacation underneath to one of the swingers holiday resorts. Book Desire Resort Mexico.

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Desire pearl swingers

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