Dinner movie and massage

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Beatriz wears the weariness of working people everywhere, as wells as a profound sadness. A lonely member of the working not-quite-poor, she gives massage therapy and alternative medicine treatments to cancer patients near her working class Altaduna, California home. She copes with an intolerant and intolerable neighbor, lives with needy, neurotic dogs and a goat, drives a barely-functional VW and dreams of hood on coastal Mexico, drifting romantically among the mangroves.

Her life is thrown into sharpest contrast through her other gig, massaging clients like Cathy Connie Brittonthe wealthy wife of a developer David Warshofsky living in mansion in a gated community on the coast. And when that VW quits, she invites Beatriz to stay for dinner.

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The movie revels in watching the out-of-place Beatriz as she quietly observes the guests arriving wearing clothes and jewels that cost more than her broken car. She is sensitive, a little embarrassed and left out.

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But the overbearing guest of honor, the hotel developer Doug Stutts Lithgow and the white wine she sips brings out more from her. But they take care to avoid going over the top into unforgivably rude. Only when the film takes its most radical third-act jolts in tone does it feel forced, contrived.

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And the ending is simply abrupt. The gates are metaphorical as well as literal. But like every defensive wall ever built, they cannot separate us or protect us from each other for long. Sooner or later, a Beatriz or Stutts is going to be in our face and force us to deal with him or her.

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Dinner movie and massage

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