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Sex and the City fans will get a chance to reconnect with three of their four favorite pals soon. While the original series was always about Carrie and her pals, they were often surrounded by some fantastic side characters. Do you think these three guest stars deserved more airtime?

Appearing in season 2 and season 3, Natasha was supposed to be boring. Writers never gave her a real last name, she was only ever dressed in white or creamand she appeared to have no real hobbies.

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Big needed a challenging woman in his life. While we all know why writers treated Natasha as little more than a prop, some Sex and the City fans think that was a mistake. Seeing Mr. Big in a relationship with another woman might have been a great way to prove that Carrie was, ultimately, the right woman for him.

Instead, all fans were given to illustrate that point was an affair storyline. The entire arc felt a little seedy and contrived when all was said and done. Still, as time went by, it became clear that she, just like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, had a softer side, too.

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Enid was a well-developed character who fans think could have been a great friend to Carrie if the two had a chance to explore a friendship. Unfortunately, by the time the series ended, Candace Bergen portrayed Enid in just three episodes. If given more time, fans think Enid could have been a truly interesting and important character. During their first appearance, Bobby, a cabaret singer, finally decides to get married. She long assumed Bobby was gay. The duo also appeared to have a rather interesting life together.

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‘Sex and the City’: 3 Side Characters That Fans Wished They Had Learned More About