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We want to make sure you have an outstanding Ting experience. We are not able to deliver that with your current browser settings. Please consider visiting us again using the latest version of Internet ExplorerFirefoxChromeSafarior Opera. Deny it all you want. We know you secretly love a good karaoke session. The worse the singer, the better the time of course. Some of the best karaoke apps even let you connect with friends and singers around the world.

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The apps below offer features to make at-home karaoke a lot more fun than just singing along to a YouTube track. These karaoke apps have free and paid versions, so try a few out and see what interface and experience you prefer.

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To get started with Yokee, just grab the free app in Apple App Store or Google Playlog in and select the type of music you like to sing. Yokee builds your songbook according to your preferences and matches you to your first song right away. Then browse the songbook by genre or search for a specific track. As Yokee integrates with YouTube, it gives users the most in terms of free music access.

You can share or save your performance on Yokee and navigate through a feed of other performers. With the VIP version, you get unlimited access to VIP songs, unlimited saves, shares and listens to your performances. With StarMaker Karaoke, you can sing with others, record your performances and share your best tracks right from your phone. Once you log in, you can search for a song and sing it solo or set up a collaboration.

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You can also contribute to a collaboration another user has already created. The app gives you singing tips and vocal guidance along the way. There are audio effects as well as video filters, and you can edit recordings with pitch correction. StarMaker has a pretty impressive music selection on the free version and is regularly updated with hits. The more you sing, the more the app learns what you like and can recommend songs based on your taste.

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With a paid subscription you get unlimited access to new weekly releases and a premium song catalog. Like StarMaker, Sing! Karaoke by Smule builds off of a highly social karaoke experience. Grab the free version on the Apple App Store or Google Playopen it up and log in with your phone. You start by selecting the genres you like and Smule gives you one welcome gift song based on your choices. After that, any solo singing is restricted to all access users. If you want to expand your circle beyond your friends, you can browse and discover popular users and recordings.

With paid unlimited access, users can sing oversongs solo, including VIP songs and weekly new releases. With Voloco, you just a song or instrumental track from your music library. Voloco guesses the key the song is in and pitches your voice accordingly. With numerous audio effects and automated harmonies, the point of this app is to create recordings way beyond your actual abilities and floss like a fake boss on social media.

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Free chat room Karogkog

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