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Our classes use the latest media and are taught by experts with real-world experience. Members save on classes. for more info. If you a see a class without a up button it is full. here to be placed on the waitlist. Our traditional Preparing for Childbirth class covers everything you need to know to prepare for childbirth, including:. Tuition covers the expectant parent plus one support person. This condensed class covers similar topics as our 3 week series, with the exception of in-depth conversations of labor variations and hands-on practice of labor and birth coping skills.

Families are encouraged to practice comfort strategies on their own, or take our Labor Skills Workshop for guided hands-on practice. Preparing for Childbirth Fundamentals — one 4 hour session. Parents are encouraged to register in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and have their classes completed by about 36 weeks. Please note that a hospital tour is not part of prenatal classes at Amma. You can contact your birthplace directly for information about tours. If you desire lower intervention, non-medicated childbirthor a more in-depth experience of hands-on skills, you will benefit from taking the Labor Skills Workshop in addition to this class.

You may also consider our Natural Childbirth 5 week series as an alternative to Preparing for Childbirth. We ask that families read our policies before registering for classes. Private childbirth classes can often be arranged upon request.

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This class is now a Virtual-Interactive Live Classroom! Pressed for time? Our All-in-One Express class teaches you the basics of the birth process, beginning breastfeeding and basic newborn care — all in a one-day class. This condensed curriculum is taken from our Preparing for Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Newborns classes.

This class highlights the essentials of each topic, but is not as comprehensive as our traditional classes. Our instructor will recommend good websites and books for more in-depth learning. Because of the nature of the class, hands-on breathing and relaxation will not be covered. Parents wanting to learn and practice breathwork and relaxation techniques should consider the Labor Skills Workshop. This is one of our most in-demand classes. Keep in mind its popularity and consider registering early. Also, please note that a hospital tour is not part of prenatal classes at Amma. You can contact your hospital directly for information about tours.

Parents of twins or triplets need extra preparation! Caring for multiple tiny babies at once brings its own special set of joys and challenges. other families of multiples as we walk you through childbirth, care and feeding, and adjusting to life as a family of four or more.

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A visit from a new family with multiple babies will cap off our time together. If you are on bed rest with your multiples, consider our Understanding Multiples Online class. It is not specific to multiples but has excellent information. Natural Childbirth is the prenatal class best suited to women who wish to avoid or reduce the use of medications and interventions. While this holistic approach makes it a good fit for women hoping for an unmedicated birth, pain medications, and supportive interventions are discussed.

Spending time within a small group of other parents-to-be establishes a support network of other families who may become friends for life! We recommend taking this class with plenty of time before your due date to practice the techniques throughout the third trimester. Please budget time to finish the class by about weeks. As always, all families are welcome regardless of where their babies will be born. For those families birthing in a hospital, please note that a tour is not part of prenatal classes at Amma. We encourage you to contact your hospital directly for information about tours.

This is a great option for families expecting a second or more baby, who just want a refresher of skills.

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Perfect for moms and labor partners wanting more practice or second-time moms looking for a refresher without the lecture component. This class does not cover traditional class topics such as the birth process, medications, c-sections, and the like and is best taken as a supplement to Preparing for Childbirth or the All-In-One prenatal class. Please bring a blanket and pillow to class. Dress comfortably. This class will include movement and floor work on a yoga mat. This class is now Virtual! Some families prefer private birth and baby preparation.

Private sessions can cover childbirth, c-section birth, starting off with breastfeeding, basic baby care, or whatever topics a family needs to know. If you would like information about our private sessions please contact Jodi at jodi ammaparentingcenter. Discussions vary each week depending on questions, commonly touching on informed decision making, inductions, interventions, cesarean sections, postpartum recovery, infant feeding, and newborn care. Please note, this is not intended to take the place of a prenatal class, but rather to supplement your education; and is not a substitute for medical advice.

Please contact your provider if you have specific questions regarding your pregnancy related health care. Please note if no one has ed in the first 15 minutes the instructor will close the meeting. Newborns prepares you for life with a newborn baby. Hear the most current information on early development, how to care for your infant, and parenting strategies for the first few months.

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The mixture of video, hands-on practice and real-life scenarios go beyond what you can read in a book. An easy way to complete both of these classes on the same day. All the topics from both Breastfeeding and Newborns are presented in one class. Our instructors are AHA certified. Learn how to respond in a respiratory or cardiac emergency. Demonstration of hands-on chest compressions, breaths, and choking relief on infant and child will reinforce your learning and help you understand how to act in real life.

Instructions will be sent to you on registration, of how to make a simple homemade mannequin to practice on while the instructor guides you through the process. Looking for the in-person Infant CPR class? Register here. If your party includes multiple caregivers and family members, please call us directly at and we will register your group.

In order for the class to learn effectively, we do not allow children to attend these classes. We do make exceptions for newborn infants who can sleep or hang out in their car seats during class. New grandparents, are you feeling a bit rusty? Are you wondering how to be a supportive grandparent in light of the pandemic? other new grandparents as you prepare for this special new time of life. Topics include:.

Tuition covers both grandparents, and one set of materials will be provided. Our CPR class is perfect for grandparents too! Calling all Amma Mamas! Do you have a brand new baby? Come see why moms tell us this class is the best thing they did for themselves. Bring your newborn to a baby-friendly environment and get help on all the topics of concern to new moms: feeding, sleep, soothing, vaccinations and pediatric visits, postpartum adjustment, emotions, returning to work, and more. The perfect way to spend maternity leave! The New Mama Class supports all new mothers. Being introduced to a range of parenting experiences shows us how many right ways there are to be a family.

Plan to start your 6-week session when your baby will be between the ages of 1 to 8 weeks of age. This class and its curriculum are deed specifically for mamas and their babies of this age. We recommend you register prior to the arrival of your baby. Look for a class series that begins 2 to 3 weeks after your due date. Please note: this class is intended for first-time mamas.

Becoming a Mama again? Moms will be encouraged to share strategies with each other.

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Many moms are wondering what to do with their babies? In your virtual class, enjoy song time and learn play ideas to foster development. This series is for Mamas with babies ages 3, 4 and 5 months at the start of class, or direct New Mama Class graduates.

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Please note that make-ups are not available for missed classes in the Beyond Newborns series. We highly recommend attending one of our v irtual classes for live instruction and most up to date information.

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But some families prefer to learn on their own, at their own pace. Consider the Preparing for Childbirth Online class your go-to guide for answers you can trust on childbirth. This self guided online course covers essential information on labor and more, and highlights ways partners can help throughout the process. You can access this class from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Allow hours to complete. We encourage you to call any time to ask questions or get help! We ask families to read our policies before registering for any classes.

Consider the Understanding Breastfeeding Online class your go-to guide for answers.

Free local mother s who fuck minnesota

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