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Its inevitable. Some will say that it is to be good. The vampires of the insect world. Arent vampires considered "bad"? And yet, mosquitoes exist.

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Others say that the point of life is to just do and be you. Heres my argument If we are just supposed to do and be us, and thats the point, then why do we punish serial killers for doing and being them? Why do we punish anyone who does bad? If they are doing and being them, and thats the point, should they not be left alone? A mosquito bites us, or a spider scares us, and what do we do? Thats right, we exterminate. A person does something bad, and they get judged, jured, and then they sit in a room for a indeterminant amount of time.

What makes a person worth more, kept alive, than a mosquito? Because people are civilized, and should be treated civilly? Meanwhile, the little girl gets picked on at school because she doesnt look a certain way. Is this civilization? Oh, dont know better, they will learn. And yet, we still have serial killers, rapists, and whatever else that people deem unexceptionable. We heard instead of letting them roam free, why?

So we can eat them, and use them for our own entertainment and amusement. What makes us better? If planet of the Apes has taught me anything, its that we are not better. So, whats the point? Now, youre going to tell me that its up to me, right? That we do what we want. Well, what about those who didnt want to go to school? Or those who dont want to go to work? Or even, those who want to do something, but cant because "money" isnt right, or the "opportunity" hasnt arisen?

What is the point then? And what if, after all that, we still dont feel fulfilled? Whats the point then? This question is, in a way, oxymoronic.

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It a question, without a point. Maybe its not meant to be answered. Doesnt stop us from asking the question. By the way, with the whole humans get to live where others get to die part, the only reason I didnt bring up war, is because I dont feel it necessary to give myself yet another argument in my favor. I could go into it, but Ill just say this. Amie 27 y. Anh 47 y. Steffanie 41 y. Deneen 25 y. Looking for an extreme dom or group. I want to be totally owned abused made to do Anything no limits, hubby will be present will nt interfere at all.

Please send pic sof you and what you would do to me and detailed discription of what youll make me do will pick the harshet ones. Nothing to taboo. Wen 44 y. We can just talk, and get to know each other a little bit at first, but after that, i would love to be sissified by you, and maybe even setup on a date.

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You don't have to think, you just act. No worrying about hurting each others feelings, because there are no real feelings to hurt. You are both there for the same reason, to escape. I have always been told and I may on some level believe that this type of relationship is impossible.

Someone will always form feelings that will make this fall apart. But I am an optimist. Or maybe I am just a and want to try it out. So here's the deal. You and I talk. We get to know each other. Share likes, dislikes, fantasies, favorite foods, favorite books, all of that shit. Then we meet, and see if there is any attraction and chemistry. Then we fool around a little and see if the chemistry is still there. Then we really learn and explore together and see if we can find that freedom.

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That place where there is no thinking, just doing. No concerns. No negative thoughts, only pleasure. Then we go home to our regular lives, until the next time we meet. I am a bigger that means carrying some extra poundstall guy in my early 30's, short brown hair and brown eyes. I am not going to specify what you should look like, because I have been attracted to all of girls in my life, and I don't want to rule anyone out. I also don't care whether you are single or attached I am attachedas long as you have an open mind.

Let's try this experiment, and hope for some positive .

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