Ill do anything u want me to do

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Largely due to his long-standing association with songwriter and producer Jim Steinman, whose lengthy epics helped define his style, Meat Loaf deals with a lot more lyrics than your average rock star.

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Still, when it came time to discuss the most widely misunderstood line of his career, Loaf knew exactly what to talk about. Speaking with host Ali Wentworth for the Yahoo!

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How can they not know? So what is "that"?

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The problem lies because Jimmy likes to write, so you forget what the line was before you get to 'I won't do that. Of course, this isn't the first time 'Anything for Love' has been explained -- Meat did it with a blackboard and a pointer during his ' VH1 Storytellers ' performance of the song -- but Wentworth pressed for a few more examples of things he might or might not do for love, including going vegan, recording a song with Justin Bieberor taking a bullet.

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One thing he probably wouldn't do? Give up P. Chang's lettuce wraps, which he revealed are his post-gig treat of choice.

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You can watch the whole segment above. Home News.

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Ill do anything u want me to do

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I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go