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A bloody member that a certain Abe Sada was found carrying through the streets of Tokyo one day in before being arrested by the police. How do we get to this decapitated phallus? In general, even those who have seen In the Realm of the Senses are unable to tell you.

The film resembles one of those dreams that leaves only a confused trace. It begins gently before taking hold of you and locking you into the maddening spiral of physical love.

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Sense, sensuality: a title that keeps its promises. The Japanese title is not devoid of interest either: the bullfight of love. For the relationship between Sada and Kichi is also a matter of love, an intense, voracious love that makes them forget about the rest of the world. Their desire is imperious. The lovers venture outside but also make love there, turning the world into a gigantic bedroom.

Their sexuality is so frenetic as to feed off others: geishas, servants, inn keepers are all swept into their carnal vortex. To continue the bullfighting metaphor, this is a fight to the death in the arena before the final blow. In the Realm of the Senses follows this sensual and fatal battle between two bodies, a crescendo of bouts leading to an ultimate face-off. Not yet. Sada le the dance. Her pleasure is also an expression of suffering, as she is submerged by the realm of the senses.

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If the film was directed by a man, Oshima, its heroine is a woman. From then on, the film becomes the story of a battle against exhaust-ion. Ridden, strangled, threatened by Sada, Kichi fades and weakens. Death is not far away. The end of the film gives off a sense of bewilderment, as if Oshima had also been sapped of energy.

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But the true interest stems from the crescendo, an explosion of the senses unique in the history of cinema. They have just celebrated their honeymoon night in another inn. In front of her boss, Sada says that she must go away for 24 hours. To earn her living, she is forced to prostitute herself to an old professor. His jealousy piqued by imagining her with someone else, Kichi takes her violently.

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The mistress of the inn moves away slowly. The two lovers then swap kimonos. But Kichi has stayed at home, so frustrated that he ends up taking the mistress of the inn as violently as he had Sada. In turn, suffering alongside the professor, Sada asks him to beat her. She then sits astride him, imagining that he is Kichi. When separated, the lovers make others take the place of the missing Other. When Sada describes the scene to Kichi, he asks her to beat him.

If it appears a far cry from the dull workings of porn movies and their blank lovemaking, In the Realm of the Senses is also literally a porn film. It will be a porn film. You have control over content. Oshima began to write the script ininspired by the popular real-life story of Abe Sada. But for the next three years, the project remained dormant, Oshida shooting only for television.

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To break all taboos. That is what porn films meant to me. The casting of the film was the biggest hurdle, particularly for the male actors who were forced to display their erect penis to see whether or not it was photogenic.

Few actors rose to the challenge. One, after having cast an eye on the porn magazines hastily purchased by an assistant, asked Oshima to assist him manually. All you could hear was the breathing of the two actors who were still at the foreplay stage. Sometimes it would last twenty minutes. Occasionally, the solemn mood would lapse into unwitting comedy.

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The egg was never cooked firmly enough, sending Oshima into a fit of rage which the first assistant remembers to this day. Another particularity: In the Realm of the Senses was made blind. The set itself was protected, classed as French territory since the money came from France, but there was no question of Oshima having the film developed in a Japanese laboratory where the police could seize it. Every three days, the reels were sent to France and the director was only to see the finished images at the end of the shoot. To make matters more difficult, Oshima never did more than one take, forsaking the possibility of a second choice in case something went wrong.

First shown at the Cannes Festival ofthe film caused a scandal of epic proportions. Critics did however applaud its new approach to pornography — which certainly was not the attitude of the Japanese police. As soon as Oshima passed through customs upon his return, the reels were confiscated. Censors subjected the film to the mutilation of trimming: only the upper section of the screen was left visible.

Throughout the rest of the world, the film was shown in its original version. In Paris, it showed for 17 months, with an estimated 80, Japanese tourists passing through cinemas. In Japan, Oshima was accused of pornography, not for the film itself but for a screenplay published with photographs from the set.

But even today, the Japanese version of the film features blurred boxes. Oshima was not to work in his home country again until Erotic, certainly, but also painfully carnal. Share this article Facebook icon Twitter icon.

Japan penis lover

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