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Hills, testified in the Bailey Boswell trial, that it was Trail who she first met. She said on their first meeting, Trail drove her to his apartment in Wilber, they had small talk and Trial showed her pictures of scantily clad women on his phone. Then, Hills and Boswell went back to the Wilber apartment where Trail asked them to model their lingerie for him.

Hills said it was at that point she decided she was going to be a part of their arrangement. In exchange, she had to spend a day each week at the Wilber apartment and follow the house rules.

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She said there was also a rule that they were supposed to be naked inside the home, but she never was made to follow that rule. Trail told Hills that he had a group of 12 witches called a coven and she could be the 13th, but in order to get your powers you had to take a life.

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Prosecutor Sandra Allen asked Hills what she was thinking when they started talking about this. Hills was told Boswell was in charge of all the other witches, she was a healer who could heal people from heart attacks. She was told Trail was a vampire who could fly and read minds. Hills said she believed she was going to become a witch too, and was willing to kill someone to do it.

Hills told the jury they had a plan for what would happen with they killed someone. Hills said she and Boswell would do the killing with Trail watched and cleaned up afterwards. Hills said Trail showed her a kill kit that he said belonged to Boswell.

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Hills said Trail told her she would get her own kill kit that would be replenished after every kill. The prosecution asked if Boswell was engaged in these conversations and Hill said yes. Hills also said she, Boswell and Trail would also often talk about how they liked to torture people. Hills said the next time they talked about killing someone, their planned victim was Anastasia Golyakova, another woman Trail and Boswell met online.

She said their plan was to kill Golyakova on an antiquing trip to Pennsylvania. They would dump her body along the way. It was shortly after this, in Septemberthat Hills said she got out of the group. Hills said she was in a fitting room at TJ Maxx while shopping for their trip to Pennsylvania with Boswell when she had a panic attack.

Hills said she never met Sydney Loofe and only heard Trail and Boswell could be involved when the police came to her door. Lancaster asked if Hills ever got her allowance taken away for not following the rules, Hills said no. Hills called Trail domineering and said she believed everything he said.

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He asked if she felt Trail used Golyakova and Boswell. Hills said yes. A DNA analyst with the Nebraska State Patrol also testified about tests she ran on knives, carpet and pipes taken out of the Wilber apartment.

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She said cleaning products can ruin both tests. Testimony will continue Thursday and through the end of the week. The judge said there could be a verdict early next week. Back to School. Interactive Radar. Download the Weather App.

Election. National Map. Meet the Team. Service Directory. Submit Photos and Videos. Gray DC Bureau. Investigate TV. Latest Newscasts. Woman testifies about talk of sex, witchcraft and killing during relationship with Trail, Boswell. By Bayley Bischof. Published: Oct. Share on Facebook. This Link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. Most Read. Oldest living American, Omaha resident celebrates th birthday.

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Lady looking sex Bailey

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