Lakewood Colorado park meeting

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Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in the city of Lakewood!

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We are here to help you navigate Lakewood Colorado park meeting various city Departments and their respective roles in your event. Whether you are planning a festival, a 5k run, a neighborhood block party or a family picnic, this information is deed to point you in the right direction. This can serve as a great resource for you and is your responsibility to read through each of the sections below in detail in order to move forward with the process.

The sections below include a list of the common permits and s required for events issued by the city of Lakewood and some of our sister jurisdictions. It also provides event organizers with a checklist and timeline for securing approvals. The primary purpose of parks is to provide areas for the residents of the City and the general public to engage in recreational activities and temporarily exchange the urban environment for a more natural one.

Therefore, the primary consideration in issuing or denying a permit to use a park or public open space shall be to consider the safety and rights of citizens who use such areas, and to protect and preserve such areas for recreational use by the citizens of the City and the general public. Contact the respective City representative s to check availability and address any questions you may have regarding a specific site or facility. If you are unsure who to contact, please call the City's Community Resources front desk at Reservations for Bear Creek Lake Park can be made by calling Athletic Field Use Permit: All events planned for an athletic field must reserve the facility by contacting the Recreation Department at If not received the reservation will be cancelled and the facility will be made available to other users.

Failure to meet any subsequent deadlines set forth will result in forfeiture of all payments and immediate cancellation of the event. Specific requirements and due dates will be set forth on the event invoice.

A certificate of insurance "COI" and policy endorsement, if applicable, evidencing the required insurance coverages must be received by the City no later than 5 days prior to the event. Due to differences among insurance carriers, the event sponsor is encouraged to provided the COI and endorsement at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure proper coverages are in place before the 5-day cut off. A copy of this form will be provided with the event application package. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide copies of this form, ensure that all participants complete the form, and that all original waivers are turned in to your City of Lakewood contact.

Electronic atures will not be accepted at this time, and the Lakewood waiver may not be combined with the organizer's waiver. Where available, existing park facilities may be used in place of or to supplement this requirement. The Department of Community Resources reserves the right to make changes as needed. To assist the event producer, it is recommended that the proposed route s be submitted with the original permit application.

Park officials will not be responsible for costs incurred due to changes. Lessee is responsible for picking up permit and having it on site during the event. See form attached with this packet. The need for this will be dependent on the type of event and observed impacts. Meetings will be held within 5 days after the event.

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Required permits may include:. Application fees do not apply to group events or charity walks and bike events. Applies to non-competitive events not including general picnics and shelter rentals. Includes gatherings, orienteering events, etc. All participants must purchase a parks pass at Bear Creek Lake Park.

All rental fees apply. All other parks Competitive Events. Charity Walks and Bike Rides. Applies only to non-competitive events including walks and bike rides. Ranger in a boat for a triathlon. Commercial Fees. For example: any classes where participants pay a fee to the organizer.

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Filming: no fees Classes, etc. Shelter and field rental fees required for exclusive use of park areas. As soon as possible, we encourage you to contact the respective city office s listed below to check availability and address any questions you may have regarding a specific site, facility or venue.

If you are unsure of who to contact, please call the Community Events Coordinator at H Hayden Park on Green Mountain. City of Lakewood S. City offices will be closed Sept. English Select this as your preferred language Arabic Select this as your preferred language Vietnamese Select this as your preferred language Thai Select this as your preferred language Spanish Select this as your preferred language Russian Select this as your preferred language. Home - City of Lakewood - Logo. Plan a Public Event Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in the city of Lakewood! Park Rules: Event organizer is responsible for ensuring that all event staff, volunteers, vendors and participants abide by all park rules, regulations, event policies and other applicable laws at all times.

Permit on site : It is unlawful to hold any scheduled event, assembly, commercial activity, or commercial photographic shoot unless and until a permit for such event has been issued. Permit-holder shall have proof of a permit while site is in use.

Application deadlines for special event permits : Applications for special event permits will be taken up to 10 months prior to the proposed event date. Event promoters should make every effort to submit an event application no less than 60 days prior to the date requested for such event. Parks where athletic fields are present will only be considered for additional special event programming once athletic field permits for that specific season are in place and therefore may not be available for consideration at the time of your request. Park officials reserve the right to determine the impact level of each event and may refuse permit request if there is insufficient time to prepare for such event.

Fees: Application fees will be due at the time of application.

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All other event fees will be due upon issuance of the appropriate permit on or the date set in the Special Event Invoice, whichever is applicable. For Bear Creek Lake Park events, event staff, volunteers and vendors will receive free entry to the park on the day of the event and for setup. Any spectators will be required to purchase a park pass for entry to Bear Creek Lake Park. Fees may be waived at the discretion of the Director. Use of fee areas within parks: Most events will be required to use reservation picnic areas within the parks in order to accommodate parking and other needs.

If these areas are used, or if event parking impacts these areas, payment of the reservation fee s shall be added to cost of the special event permit. Reservation of fee areas is on a first-come basis, and is not guaranteed to be a part of any permit application. Prior existence of a reservation at a park eliminates that location for availability for a second reservation or permit to be issued. Sound Systems amplified and non-amplified : Amplified sound music, P.

When permitted, it is allowed between A. Amplified sound must not unreasonably impact other park users. Complaints from other park users or neighbors may result in immediate revocation of approval for amplified sound. Not Allowed: Activities including aircraft including hot air balloonscarnivals, dunk tanks, firearms including air- powered weaponsgolf, moon walks, petting zoos, pony rides, search lights, raffles, gambling and bingo are prohibited. Other activities may be prohibited based on park location or possible site impacts.

Use of Fireworks: The use of fireworks, including fireworks displays, shall not be allowed in the parks. Vehicles on park property: roadways, bicycle-pedestrian pathways and trails. It shall be unlawful for any person, other than authorized personnel, to park or drive a motorized vehicle on park property or trails, other than upon roadways and parking areas clearly constructed and established for such purposes within the parks.

Unlawful areas shall include bicycle-pedestrian pathways to load and unload equipment, to transport goods or mark a course or tour route. Event Cancellation: The Park Supervisor, or a deated employee, reserves the right to cancel an event at any time if there is ificant risk of damage to park property, trails or resources, or ificant risk to participant safety, due to weather or other factors. Canceled events may not be eligible for a refund of any fees paid prior to the cancellation.

At BCLP all participants must purchase a parks pass. Natural Resources Fee Variable Assessed only if ificant impact is expected to park resources. Commercial Fees For example: any classes where participants pay a fee to the organizer. Fee schedule does not apply to Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park.

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Was this helpful? Yes Maybe No. How can we improve this ? address. Generate new image Read aloud. Please enter the text in the image. Share Facebook Twitter Print. Back to top. Non-Refundable Application Fee. Group Events people. Fees include park entry fee.

Lakewood Colorado park meeting

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