New friends at 50

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Here are 15 great tips to help you make friends after 50 and want to expand your circle of friends. It seems like I keep hearing the same two complaints from so many women over 40 or 50 whose kids have moved out of the house. Whatever the reason, too many of us reach the empty nest and realize that we have very few close friends. Feeling isolated can lead to depression and folks with few friendships tend to have more chronic illnesses as they age.

But how to even begin to make new friends after 50? Make friends with yourself first. I have a free e-book full of exercises to help you get to know yourself again. We never spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. Ask yourself, am I lonely or am I depressed? Many people with depression suffer from loneliness and find it difficult to make new friends because they tend to isolate themselves and have low self-esteem. If you think you may be suffering from depression, seek help.

Turn Virtual Friends into Physical Friends. There are several good groups on Facebook where midlife women hang out and share their struggles and triumphs. Start by ing a few and becoming an active participant. Many of these groups offer regular get togethers for their members or some group members will create a meeting on their own.

These are great ways to make friends after 50 with women in your area. Is there anyone who lives nearby who would be interested in a get together? Reach out to these women in a group message and plan something right away. Then make sure to keep scheduling regular events. Look on meetup. Simply up, then interests in the search bar. Hint: Every city has multiple groups centered around wine. Create your own Meetup group. If nothing you see on meetup appeals to you, start your own! Create a group and schedule a few events. Think this something you could never do? Then, let this New York Times story inspire you.

Look for friends in your own neighborhood. You may find a few friends within walking distance! a Book Club. If you like to read, a book club can provide a chance to read some interesting books and a way to grow new friendships.

There are a few ways to try to find a book club in your area: check with your local library, check the online directory of book clubs at my-bookclub. Or start your own book club and post on Facebook or Nextdoor to recruit new members. Strike up a conversation and suggest meeting for coffee after the class. Find a Walking Group. If you belong to a church, a small study group. If you belong to a church, but only show up for services, a bible study or other type of small group. Many lifelong friendships begin in these groups. Many towns have activity centers that offer programs and classes and even sports leagues.

Many organizations depend on the support of their volunteers. Volunteer Match can help you find the right group for you in your area. Have you always wanted to learn to knit, but never had the time to learn. Local knitting or craft stores often have classes. Working on a project together can be a great conversation starter. There are organizations in Atlanta, where I live, where you can explore things like soap making to glass blowing.

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Take a class at the local community college. Many colleges offer continuing education classes in topics like painting, creative writing, photography and more. My local college even offers a 4-week class on enjoying wine. Weight Watchers. The weekly meetings are full of kind, supportive people.

Why not suggest that some of you meet outside the group for walking sessions? This is, for me, the hardest part of making new friends. All you need to do is say you enjoy their company and ask if they would like to do something together some time.

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Would you like to meet for coffee next week? Reach out to your old friends. It might feel a bit awkward but chances are your friend is also missing your friendship and will love to chance to reconnect. I was staring at the coming empty nest and wondering what was next for me. Does that sound like you? Check your for your free workbook now!

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New friends at 50

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9 important steps for making friends if you are shy and over 50