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Tanned skin - so much skin - in various shades of beige and brown like the sand patch where they play. Then there's the tennis court. On a recent Saturday, two men played a match in nothing more than white sneakers, socks and one black knee brace. Last month the resort helped set a skinny-dipping Guinness World Record, with more than 13, nudists splashing in pools across the country, and the park has activities planned through the rest of the year.

So given its dip toward the mainstream, what's the appeal of leaving all body parts bare? Nudists enjoy pointing out that the original Olympic athletes competed in the buff. They often cite the freedom and natural state of it all. And they leave behind insecurities about body image along with the trappings of a wardrobe that might label them as lawyer or lumberjack.

And that's the thing," said Rock Haven owner Susan Palmer. Palmer peels off her T-shirt before stepping out of the park's office and hopping onto a golf cart for a spin around the property. She's tall and thin with a short gray haircut, and she sits comfortably in her own skin.

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She's also 63 and has had a mastectomy. Not that anyone would judge at Rock Haven. At nudist parks, gawking is not cool. Unlike swimsuit-strutting scenes in Vegas - or the local YMCA, for that matter - sizes don't get sized up the same way. Driving past the tree-shaded camping area, the clubhouse, pool, snack bar and cabins, Palmer waves to other nudists - some are members or visitors, and there are 22 full-time residents - while trying to articulate what she likes about the lifestyle.

Palmer wasn't always comfortable going nude. Inwhen her late husband suggested they try nudism on a trip to Jamaica, she said, "You want to do what? You're out of you're mind. But after stripping down for a swim under the hot Caribbean sun, the couple asked hotel staff to move them from the "prude side" of the resort to the "nude side. By January of the next year, they were members at Rock Haven. Nick Nixon, 48, who now lives and works on the property full-time, said that on his first visit he sat nervously by the pool with his "nose in a book all day.

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And Volak wrote an of her first experience at a nudist resort for Rock Haven's Web site. She took one look at all those naked bodies and passed out cold. After coming to, she spent five hours in the pool - submerged to the neck. But during her years as Rock Haven's owner, she became an outgoing advocate of nudism, speaking about its merits academically at Middle Tennessee State University. When Richard Lloyd, a professor in the sociology department at Vanderbilt University, explains nudism from an academic perspective, he can't help but throw in an anecdote from The Simpsons.

When Homer runs from the house in a rush - forgetting that he's wearing no clothes - Lisa calls after him: "Dad, hide your shame. Lisa had a point. Lloyd said that nudists repudiate the idea of shame - a concept that for some goes back to Adam and Eve, original sin, and their awareness of being naked. Going nude is a way for people to say "I'm OK with who I am," he continued.

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And group nudity can promote community and become a social leveler. When everyone is nude, status symbols are moot. For many, though, no clothes means sex. But Lloyd says that when everyone is nude, it de-eroticizes the state of being naked. Still, everyone's human, and one of the guidelines of nudism - along with taking a towel for sitting everywhere one goes - is to practice discretion. Any outward s of excitement should be covered. After all, Rock Haven Lodge is a family park. There is a year-old resident, and some vacationing or member parents bring children.

Even if eroticism is removed from the equation, said Aimee Lyst, psychologist with the Pediatric Associates of Franklin, her concern for children exposed to nudism is their ability to assimilate in more typical social settings.

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Boundaries outside a nudist park are different from boundaries inside, and children must learn to live within both. Despite its growth, some nudists prefer to keep their lifestyle under wraps.

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Nudism isn't for all, as even the most ardent nudist will tell you. They'd think you were a crazy nudist. Not until giving her notice before retiring did she let the comptroller of the firm in on her secret. Local - Breaking News Murfreesboro nudists? Just being in nature," she says. Today, Palmer sees plenty of shaky hands when the paperwork gets ed at Rock Haven. Next Article Thousands evacuated as fires reach Athens suburbs Article Pope freed from cast, says wrist still "lazy".

Nude murfreesboro tn

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