Regular guy looking for small chested woman

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I can confirm from my own experiences that there is a substantial bias by men against A- and B- cup women. I had this realization a few years ago: oh! Then add in my age, being a parent, a non-drinker, yada, yada. I am all too aware that there are plenty of additional reasons to swipe left.

Once I let the pain and inconvenience of that sink in, I realized…. It is what it is.

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I suppose they intimidate me, but I always pass on those guys. I prefer a lean guy not a bulked up guy. But I have a preference for fair, light-eyed, lean-ish Brits. I thought that was hilarious! No, I was never going to be his chick, but, sure, Random Online Dating Dude, by all means hold out for her! I suppose the bottom line is that we all have preferences!

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I acknowledge that a small-chested women could get a boob job while a shorter man has no alternative to change his height. I have zero interest in getting cosmetic surgery, but admit that I tried the Brazilian Buttlift regimen. Yes, I still own the DVD, which is now collecting dust.

I will never have a pert Brazilian butt. I will always have my disproportionate-to-my-upper-body British butt. So in addition to being a middle-aged chick with a B-cup, I am blessed with a not-so-pert British bum. Shorter guys might be open to dating taller women who may or may not be interested in returnbut you vertically-challenged gents have your own deal-breakers or preferences about appearance, too.

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Is being a shorter guy a dating obstacle? Is it fair or just? No way! Is it disheartening? Of course. This is particularly true for guys under 5'7". I am not making light of your reality! Please be assured that I am acknowledging the challenges for you! Are some women especially ones like me who are under 5'5" being a bit ridiculous for demanding to date guys ONLY above 6'? She specifically mentioned that women taller than 5'8" are ignored by many men.

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Of course dating is hard for almost everyone! My advice is to:. Final thoughts : I sincerely have given this topic a lot of thought and my advice for shorter guys who are striking out online is to try meet-ups and other dating avenues offline. I think your other attributes might shine in person improving your chances for dating success.

Bonnie was off the dating market from when she met her now ex-husband till early She has been online dating on-and-off for over 4 years. She has gone out on at least first dates, interacted with over guys, and reviewed at least profiles. Additionally, Bonnie has dated guys ranging in height from 5'4" — 6'5", but acknowledges that 5'11" is her personal favorite height. She does not have a height requirement and regularly dates guys between 5'7" and 5'10".

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Regular guy looking for small chested woman

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What Men Really Think About Small Breasts (As Told By VERY Honest Men)