Single and want to be in a relationship

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You and your ificant other have been together a while. The spark is still there, and you know that your love is real. A wishy-washy commitment to your relationship is not for the champions of the world. So how do you go about it? Buckle down and sit with your thoughts, and commit yourself to making a decision one way or another.

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Try taking more control of your time with a regular night out, or even a solo vacation. Another common culprit is a lack of freedom. When you were single, you were free to go where you wanted, see who you wanted, and buy and do what you wanted—but your commitment to your partner makes that hard. Try working toward a more active life outside of your relationship, doing something just for you. You might find this is all you need, or you might decide that your relationship is holding you back from exploring the goals you have for yourself.

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The last common culprit is, unsurprisingly, a commitment to something else. For many, this can be a career commitment. Making a decision gives both of you the freedom to move on with your life, whether your relationship continues or not.

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And it allows both of you to live your lives more fully, without a lukewarm commitment to a relationship one of you questions. In the end, you are the only person who can make this decision. Don't have an ? I forgot my password. Sending data, please wait Welcome, how do you want to register?

Think about why you want to be single. Get over yourself and make a choice. All Rights Reserved. Would you prefer to work with a male or female coach? What language would you prefer your coach to speak with you? Pick three topics you are the most interested in. Law Enforcement Coaching Webinar.

Single and want to be in a relationship

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