To my internet date

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F irst impressions are important, especially in the precarious world of internet dating. You started our date by changing the time we had agreed to meet, on the morning of the date itself. I accept that work sometimes gets in the way. I know that you are self-employed and I understand that, so I agreed. But then you were late. You sent a message to let me know that you were on your way and would definitely be coming, the inference being that you might not make it on time.

But then you were a whole hour late. You sent an effusively apologetic message when you arrived to find that I had gone. It was kind of endearing and at least I felt vindicated for having turned up at all. A drink would have done. Besides, I already had plans to go out.

I replied saying that I could meet for a quick coffee. Then … nothing. I sent another message. Again nothing. I stuck around for another 15 minutes. Where were you? You just went off the radar. Your response eventually arrived 45 minutes later, after I had given up again and gone home.

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But you did at least apologise. I thought I should suggest that we could try again to meet up. So I sent you a message the following morning. But then — nothing. I was left hanging for the entire day. Considering what had happened on Saturday I would have thought you would try to make up for lost ground given the mishaps of the day before.

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Did you really not have access to alerts all day? You seem to when you need to. By 10pm, I had had enough and needed closure.

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It was brief, pertinent, not offensive. Never, ever tell an angry woman to calm down. That is dismissive of my feelings and presumptuous. It suggests you have no awareness of the effect of your actions — or lack of them — on someone else.

I feel you are insinuating me into a relationship that does not exist. I have already escaped one controlling relationship. It took a huge amount of effort and a long time to heal. I am extremely sensitive to the possibility that I might become part of something that follows a similar course. I am very wary of making the same mistake. In spite of this, I strive to be balanced and reasonable in matters of the heart.

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But I have been left with the feeling that I am somehow behaving in an unreasonable and neurotic way. I wish you luck in finding someone to have a relationship with. A letter to The letter you always wanted to write. Sat 20 Aug Your date that never was. Topics Family A letter to Online dating Dating Relationships features. Reuse this content.

To my internet date

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