Woman seeking casual sex Crooked

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The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Women, however, might face backlash for exploring their post-vaccination sexuality. In a new studywe found that women — but not men — continue to be perceived negatively for having casual sex.

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This stereotype persists even as casual sex has become increasingly normalized and gender equality has risen in the U. Specifically, both men and women assume that a woman who has casual sex must have low self-esteem. We then described that man, woman or person as having a lot of casual sex, portrayed them as being a serial monogamist or provided no information about their sexual behavior.

We found that Americans tended to associate monogamy with high self-esteem, especially for women. More striking, they associated casual sex with low self-esteem — but only for women. This belief was surprisingly widespread, and across our studies we found that both men and women hold it. We wondered: Was this stereotype the product of sexist beliefs? But time and again, we saw that this stereotype transcended a of markers, including the extent to which someone held sexist beliefs, their political views and their religiosity.

This finding inspired another experiment. We wondered what would happen if we told participants that a woman was actually perfectly happy with her casual sexual lifestyle. Might that change their beliefs?

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Participants still saw these women as having low self-esteem. And they even perceived a woman described as having monogamous sex — but who was deeply dissatisfied with her monogamous sex life — as having higher self-esteem.

These findings are similar to those of psychologist David Schmitt, who conducted a survey of more than 16, participants drawn from all over the world, and also found little association between self-esteem and casual sex.

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And in our study, it was actually the men who reported having more casual sex who also tended to have slightly lower self-esteem. The short answer is that we currently do not know, and associations between sex and self-esteem in the real world are complex. Some people might wonder if the media is to blame. Another possible explanation is that the stereotype extends from reproductive biology, in which men have historically had more to gain from casual sex than women, who — since they risk getting pregnant — often have to bear greater costs, on average, than men.

Yet today, newer technologies — like birth control and safe, legal abortion — allow women to have casual sex without being forced to bear some of those unwanted costs. Perhaps, then, our Stone Age brains have simply not yet caught up.

For example, people perceived to have low self-esteem are less likely to be asked out on dates or elected to political office. This stereotype might also have led to seemingly well-intentioned — but ultimately misguided — advice directed toward girls and women about their sexual behavior.

There is a cottage industry built around telling women what sort of sex not to have. In Western society, women are rarely disparaged for breaking glass ceilings to become leaders, professors, CEOs and astronauts.

So why do they continue to be denigrated as they become increasingly open and willing to go to bed with others at their own whim, of their own accord? Want more? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Woman seeking casual sex Crooked

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