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Its second season begins June 11 on HBO and it is even better than the firstwhich made for one of the best shows of if my own top 10 is anything to go by. You could turn down the sound and still be moved by the skating, by the faces. The 15 best TV shows of the year so far. From the buzzed-about to the under-the-radar, the Times TV team selects the shows to queue up for your nights at home this summer. I went to a summer program at Otis College [of Art and De], a video art program — I tried to do all these short films where I planned it out and wrote a script and they always just ended up … trash.

And then I started taking the camera around with me and capturing moments.

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She had spotted them moving as a group on an early foray into the street and, curious, engaged them. I wanted to talk with people and for them to tell me their ideas, how they wanted to add to it. There is Camille Vinbergwho is serious and a little innocent; Kirt Morana sort of distracted mystic; Janay Dede Lovelacewho thinks big; Honeybear Moonbearwho makes art and rides the Staten Island Ferry; and Indigo Ajani Russelllooking to become independent from a wealthy, judgmental mother.

Some have girlfriends, some have had boyfriends.

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Some work. Some just seem to skate. It really depends. Season 1 was a summertime idyll. This year is an autumn story — Halloween arrives in Episode 5. And I put him in the show. I think there was this respect, trying to be responsible to the pandemic; I wanted to highlight the positive parts of what happened, and how a lot of people came together for various reasons, for [Black Lives Matter] and in support of each other, taking a little bit of a break from our crazy world.

I think the pandemic brought this new energy — there was something really freeing and unique about that time. One might call it life-positive. It is sex-positive, as well, though not positive about every person who is out for sex. Moselle captures the quantum state of being young and no longer being quite as young, oscillating between melancholy and joy, when time begins to intrude on timelessness. Bad things almost happen. But I was OK. And I think there are lessons learned that way.

Mid-morning just off the Venice boardwalk, six striking young women arrive, skateboards in tow. Much of the first season has to do with the girls finding one another and the real challenge of carving a place in a male-dominated scene, but this season focuses more on relationships, about maturity and cooperation and possibility.

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In a storyline that borders on the fantastic, a stray remark launches Kirt on a quest, amplifying her natural sense of mission, and she becomes a sort of guru, helping turn the boys she knows into better men. But because the show is so grounded, it feels natural. It was very sexist. It got completely commercialized for a while. I feel like now it has its authenticity back. They were all turning 18 when I met them. And we can all hold it together. Forty years ago, MTV changed music forever. These four rock icons remember all too well.

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Women in moselle that wants sex

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