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Visit our Research Matters blog for weekly posts from the homelessness sector here. The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is the largest national research institute devoted to homelessness in Canada. The recent history of Canada is the history of the colonization of Aboriginal peoples. We use the terms Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Nations, and Native throughout this paper to refer to nations of people who have lived in Canada continuously for thousands of years. Colonization is a process that includes geographic incursion, sociocultural dislocation, the establishment of external political control and economic dispossession, the provision of low-level social services, and ultimately, the creation of ideological formulations around race and skin color which position the colonizers at a higher evolutionary level than the colonized Frideres, The transformation of Aboriginal people from the state of good health that had impressed travellers from Europe to one of ill health, for which Aboriginal people were and still are often held responsible, grew worse as sources of food and clothing from the land declined and traditional economies collapsed.

It grew worse still as once-mobile peoples were confined to small plots of land where resources and opportunities for natural sanitation were limited. It worsened yet again as long-standing norms, values, social systems, and spiritual practices were undermined or outlawed. Canada, RCAP,p Theft of land and destruction of traditional ways of life left many First Nations people in extreme poverty that has lasted for generations.

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This level of poverty in any patriarchal culture is associated with a high rate of prostitution. Estimates of contemporary First Nations populations vary. Housing instability increases reserve-to-urban migration, leaving young women extremely vulnerable to prostitution, in that homelessness has been established as a primary risk factor for prostitution.

Today, when women in prostitution are asked what they need in order to escape prostitution, housing is first on their list of needs Farley et al, Homelessness What is homelessness? Housing First How many people are homeless in Canada? Ending Homelessness Cost Analysis. Poverty Hub. Knowledge Mobilization. British Columbia. New Brunswick. Newfoundland and Labrador. Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island. Yukon Territory. Wrap-around Delivery and Other Team-based Models. Back x.

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About Homelessness. Doing Research. Community Profiles. Manitoba Brandon Thompson Winnipeg. Newfoundland and Labrador St. Northwest Territories Yellowknife. Nunavut Iqaluit.

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Prince Edward Island Charlottetown Summerside. Saskatchewan Prince Albert Regina Saskatoon. Yukon Territory Whitehorse. Canada, RCAP,p Theft of land and destruction of traditional ways of life left many First Nations people in extreme poverty that has lasted for generations.

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Women looking sex Canadian

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Prostitution of Indigenous Women: Sex Inequality and the Colonization of Canada's First Nations Women