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Fears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump's presidential win. And the list of incidents keeps growing. While Trump has been accused of fostering xenophobia and Islamophobia, some people have used his words as justification to carry out hateful crimes. Recent days have witnessed ugly episodes of racist or anti-Semitic pro-Trump graffiti along with threats or attacks against Muslims. The President-elect said he was "so saddened" to hear about vitriol hurled by some of his supporters against minorities.

And it's not just Trump supporters inciting attacks. A man in Chicago was beaten as a bystander yelled, "You voted Trump! A woman reported a frightening incident that happened while she was hiking at Mission Peak in Fremont, California. Nicki Pancholy, had her car windows smashed and her purse stolen.

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Pancholy has Lupus and wears a bandana to protector her from the sun. It has no religious ificance, she said. A hijab is the traditional head covering worn by many Muslim women.

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It's a different America that they're experiencing something that's new to this generation. In Denver, a transgender woman's car was spray painted early Wednesday morning with a swastika and the words "Trump" and "die," among other derogatory terms. Amber Timmons, 43, noticed the swastika first, as she was heading to her car to leave for work.

She didn't make it to work that day. The vehicle of a transgender woman in Denver was spray painted with a swastika, the words "Trump" and "die," among other derogatory terms. Before the vandalism, she had the words "love trumps hate" written on her back window, and notmypresident on the windows of the rear doors.

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And she intends to put those messages back on. That's what hate is. Hate is fear. And we can fix that fear by love. It's ok. I forgive them. The Denver Police Department's Hate Crimes Unit is investigating the incident as a possible act of criminal mischief, though they have no suspects at the moment. Students from a small border town in northwest Texas say they were the target of ethnically charged slurs while warming up for a regional volleyball tournament. Most of the school's students are Hispanic.

Amid the verbal abuse from the stands, apparently from supporters of the Archer City team, Fort Hancock coach Melissa Saldana called a timeout. We've got to stay focused and we've got to get tough," Saldana said she told her players. The Fort Hancock team lost, but Saldana said they were still victorious. The superintendent of the Archer City Independent School District apologized for the students' actions, but Fort Hancock's school superintendent is still upset.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered a t investigation after someone painted a dugout wall in Wellsville, about 80 miles southeast of Buffalo. On Sunday morning, Rev. Kelsey Hutto got the news that vandals had painted "Heil Trump," an anti-gay slur and a swastika on the side of her church, Saint David's Episcopal in Beanblossom, Indiana.

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She told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Thursday that she was at first sad, but believes that the church was targeted because it has always been inclusive to everyone. So, she said, she is taking comfort that whoever did this actually did this for the right reason, because the church has always been welcoming to everyone. In that spirit, the church has decided to leave the graffiti as is until November Investigators don't currently have any suspects or le, but they have shared their report with the state police department and are hoping someone in the community will come forward with information if they have it.

Someone spray-painted a swastika and the word "Trump" on a dorm building. Police in Ann Arbor, Michigan, were investigating reports a man approached a Muslim student and threatened to set her on fire with a lighter unless she removed her hijab. The suspect is described as 20 to 30 years old, unkempt and intoxicated, according to the University of Michigan. The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the alleged attack is among a spate of anti-Muslim incidents reported since Trump won the election.

At New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, students discovered Trump's name written on the door to a prayer room for Muslims on Wednesday, school officials said. It has to be safe to be so. Minnesota high school student Moses Karngbaye said he was terrified to see racist graffiti scrawled inside a bathroom. The bathroom door was also covered with graffiti, including "Whites only," "White America" and "Trump.

The men grabbed the student's purse and backpack and removed her keys. After the student returned from calling the police, her car was gone. The suspects are still at large. The day after Trump's victory, someone painted racist messages referencing the election on a wall in Durham, North Carolina. Phyllis Terry, whose family owns the JC's Kitchen restaurant next to the graffiti, told the affiliate she was heartened by the effort to cover up the message. I am really touched this morning that the community has rallied together," she said. Someone spray-painted the words "Sieg Heil " and "Trump" -- with a swastika substituted for the T in Trump -- on a building's glass Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo on South Broad Street, police said.

And a swastika and "Trump" were written on a utility box at Broad and Reed streets. Police said surveillance video captured a male of unknown race spray-painting around 5 a. It was unclear if the graffiti was a protest of Trump or a pro-Nazi act. But the Anti-Defamation League has denounced it. Baron-Baer, said in a statement. Baron-Baer said the group views the graffiti as an isolated incident, but stressed that "we cannot allow this behavior to become routine. At Canisius College in west New York state, students posted photos of a black doll hanging from a dormitory curtain rod on social media, and one student created a meme with language about "Trump fans," college President John J.

Hurley said. Students who saw those photos notified campus police, who investigated, Hurley said. Some students have been suspended and may be expelled, he said. An outside investigator will be hired to determine if any students should be prosecuted for possible hate crimes, as several parents and students urged, Hurley said.

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He did not name the students or say how many were involved, citing privacy concerns. On Wednesday, the school held an open session on the doll incident attended by about people. A student at Shasta High School in Redding, California, posted a video on Twitter of himself handing letters with the word "deportation" written across the top to half a dozen students, school district Superintendent Jim Cloney said in a statement. The students appeared to be of a variety of ethnicities, Cloney said.

After talking to the student and his parents, the video was taken down. The student said he thought the video was funny, Cloney said.

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He said appropriate discipline will be applied. A young Trump supporter was beaten by students during an anti-Trump protest in Rockville, Maryland, on Wednesday, police said. Police Maj. Eric Over said a juvenile has been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with the assault. He could face additional charges. Police are reviewing a video of the incident.

Over said the protest was largely peaceful. A witness, Kathy Silverstein, told CNN the young man who supported Trump came upon the protest and exchanged words with some demonstrators before the alleged assault occurred. Corey Cataldo was riding a subway car to the Bronx when a man asked him whether he was a Trump supporter, police spokeswoman Sgt.

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Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

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Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo